Silly Willy Winter Joke (SFW)

silly willy

A reader of the site e-mailed me this picture with the message:

Hey Cheetah Guy!!!!!,

Huge fan of the site and all of your work! It gets me through the chilly willy days of the winter and whenever I feel cold both on the outside and inside I go to your site for inspiration. I made this meme as a thank you for all of the hard work you put into the sight each and everyday. I know it won’t be as funny as the stuff you make LIKE A BOSS but its a try. Anyways here it is! Hope you like it!!!!!!! RULEZZZZZ,


Thanks for the support Otis and all of the fans out there. This meme had me cracking up!!! We all know that guy/girl who is always saying how tough they are and they never wear a sweater, and boy can it be annoying. I’m the kind of dude who says he is cold when he is cold and doesn’t try to hide it. Commentors: What do you do when your cold?


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Funniest dog meme i ever seen (SFW) you might want to sit down for this one guy it will knock your socks off ;p

 think I said it all in the title :) this made me laugh so hard i poopied in my pants. It was a stinky little mess but it was worth it. I named this dog Lester like a BOSS! Lester is the bester ;) :p
this took me 5 hours to come up with this post, my boss was so mad at me at work and now my boothing is mad at me for my boss getting mad at me. but you know what faithful followers? It was so worth it. i peepeed in my trousers when i saw it!

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Gotta laugh at your self sometimes :p (NSFW)


Full disclosure, I didn’t make this meme, I found it on the interweb :) But how could I resist like a BOSS! This is a cheetahguy and i’m a cheetahguy also weather!

Stay tuned for more posts guys, weather or not you think their funny ;)


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Sometimes watching the weather channel PAYS OFF ;P (SFW)

Baby meme

This is a funny i am making from personal experience. Today it was raining outside, so I watched the weather channel and they said it was going to rain today so I wore a jacket like a BOSS!!!

Anyone  else wear a kirkland kids size XL ski jacket that I got on sale six years ago. I feel snug as a bug in a rug when i wear that baby! I’m a cozy guy. Anyone else ever shop at costco? They got so many deals!

Audi5000 my faithful followers :p

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Super good relateable weather joke (NSFW)


All the weather channel employees are gonna be mad again! Hope they can laugh at themselves with this one. Maybe the next show on weather channel is going to be PIMP MY FORECAST. Like a BOSS!!! If i could pimp my weather forecast i’d have it snowing and warm and sunny at the same time!! Watch out water cooler at the weather channel, people are going to be mad near you today!! :p The break room won’t be safe either, I bet they already printed this one out and put it on the fridge! like a BOSS!!

P.S. I really do love the weather channel, they are a bunch of hardworking individuals and if my first dream of comedy hadn’t worked out so well I think i’d become a meteorologist. Good thing my first dream came true :)

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Silly cats! Going outside is where the cold is! (SFW)


 I have quite a few cats myself, and those little furballs are crazy! They think they own the place. Any cat lovers out there want to comment and talk about kitties (Ruth)?
I love love love this joke because nobody likes winter! It’s coldd and you gotta wear a jacket (If your roommate hasn’t borrowed it ;). Can we just skip to summer already LIKE A BOSS!!! This weather is not the bee’s knees but it is giving me so many HILARIOUS weather joke ideas :) Hopefully all the seasons will give me weather joke ideas because they are killing at the office!

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Looks like Batman doesn’t want to be Mr. Freeze!! (NSFW)


 I feel bad posting this since the movie was rated PG13 so be careful at work when you open this one guys/gals cause this is definitely NSFW!!!
I want to be batman just so I can wear a mark when it’s cold outside, this guy has it made. Look at how happy he is to be warm! It is soo cold wear I live, I wish it was halloween so I could wear this mask and look super duper cool. Sometimes I also wish I was a cheetah so I could have fur without wearing a fur coat because I do not like fur coats!
Question for all my committed commenters: if you could be one super hero in the cold which one would you be. I definitely wouldn’t wan to be aquaman burrrrrrrrr :p

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Not a good day to be THIS guys roommate :p (SFW)


Scumbag Steve did it again! I really dont like fur coats. dead animals makes me sad. :( but i could not help myself here. This has happened to everyone! Their excited to go outside and then they see that their favorite jacket and at are gone and it’s COLD outside. this joke is so relatable, i loled when i made this so hard i dropped my laptop. luckily this job is my top priority so i ran to bestbuy right before they closed and bought a new one! My family has never been more proud of me than they are now for all these hilarious jokes :)

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Bad Luck Brian at it again… This time weather gets him (SFW)

funny meme 2

What goof Brian! Someone forgot to check the weather channel!!! But hey, we’ve all been there and it is not fun.  That’s why I always bring a sweater with me, if it’s chilly willy out I pop that bad boy on and then if its hot out I just tie it around my waist, LIKE A BOSS lol.  COMMENT SECTION: What do you guys do to stay warm?


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funny meme

Worlds most interesting WEATHERMAN?! lol :p (SFW)

I know, I know, I’ve been ripping on the weather people but do they EVER get it right!?
I mean it though, I respect meteorologists and I’m sure all my fans do too. This is all in good fun.
Let’s get the comment section going though, everybody, if you had one day with the world’s most interesting man, what would you do? :p I’ll be the first comment with what I’d do! Trust me, it’ll get wild
Disclaimer: I don’t usually support the drinking of nonvirgin beer so this meme is something I usually avoid, but I just chouldn’t resist this joke!!!

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